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Gairdner Global Health Award 2022 presented to Dr Bhutta

The Award recognises some of the world’s most significant biomedical and global health research.

The Aga Khan University’s Dr Zulfiqar Bhutta has been presented the John Dirks Canada Gairdner Global Health Award for outstanding achievements in global health research.

The Gairdner Awards are widely regarded as Canada’s most prestigious prize for medical science and the Global Health Award, one of the highest awards in this discipline worldwide.

The Gairdner Foundation annually honours laureates for their contributions to the world’s most significant biomedical and global health research and discoveries. In addition to five international awards, one award is for scientific leadership in Canada and the global health award goes to a scientist whose advances have a significant impact on health outcomes in the developing world.

The Award recognises Dr Bhutta for his work on the development and evaluation of evidence-based interventions in child and maternal health for marginalized populations focusing on outcomes for the essential ‘first thousand days’ of life covering pregnancy, childbirth and the developmental phases in the first two years of life.

“I receive this award with the greatest humility on behalf of my team and colleagues who have worked on many of these issues diligently over decades,” said Dr Bhutta. “This is a recognition of the power of international collaboration and teamwork in addressing some of the complex problems affecting the poorest of the poor.”

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