Functions of the Center for Environmental and Occupational health

  1. The center for occupational and environmental health shall perform such functions as are directed and assigned by the Federal Government or the Board, including;
    1. Evaluate, perform research, analyse and advise on environmental hazards and occupational safety;
    2. Develop and provide national guidelines on environmental safety;
    3. Develop and provide national guidelines on occupational safety including radiological, biological and chemical hazards;
    4. Assist the Federal and Provincial Governments in formulating laws and policies related to environmental and occupational safety;
    5. Act in an advisory, investigative and consultative capacity to the Federal or Provincial Governments or the public in specific instances of actual or suspected environmental or occupational hazards
  2. The Institute shall ensure that its advice, policies, material, research and reports are available to the general public on the web site of the NIH.