Veterinary Farms Management

Animal Management Section (including Animal House & Stable) has been functioning as one of the fundamental and mandatory components of NIH. The Animal Management Section was up-graded to Veterinary Farms Managements Sub-Division (VFMS) in May 1998 as a first step to establish a new full-fledged division of laboratory animal resources, due to ever increasing demand, importance and vitality of laboratory animals by/for NIH and other scientific/academic institutions of the country involving animal experimentation/research. The main functions are:


− Availability of small lab animals for biological testing and research
− Provide whole blood from hyper-immunized horses to produce Anti Snake Venom & Anti Rabies Serum
− Breeding, rearing and supply of lab animals to NIH
− Supply blood of sheep and other animals for culture media
− Providing small animals for research to academic and scientific institutions (countrywide)