Field Epidemiology & Laboratory Training Program (FELTP)

FELTP at a Glance


The Field Epidemiology & Laboratory Training Program (FELTP) is the joint initiative of the NIH, MoNHSR&C and the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) USA, aimed at strengthening the national capacity in disease surveillance and outbreak response. The Objective of FELTP is to strengthen the IHR core capacity of workforce for real time surveillance.

FELTP frontline course was launched in 2016. It is a short training course of 3 months duration. The training is designed for public health workers from all levels which are actively involved in surveillance work. Two frontline training courses have been completed while one are in process.

11 Cohorts (214 Field Epidemiologists):

  • 180 graduates from the two year training program (10 cohorts)
  • 33 fellows currently enrolled in three cohorts (11th Cohort)
  • Over 1500+ government officials trained through short courses

National Stop Transmission of Polio (NSTOP)

2011: 16 FELTP trainees were deployed to 16 high-risk districts for polio as N-STOP officers in a new program designed by FELTP with partner’s collaborations

2018: 68 NSTOP officers (deployed in high-risk districts/areas and EOCs/ ERU), NSTOP remains one of the only government-owned program within the Global Polio Eradication Initiative

Sentinel Surveillance for Viral Hepatitis (A, B, C, D, E)

In response to the request of Prime Minister’s Hepatitis Control Program, the FELTP established 5 sentinel surveillance sites-one in each province and one in Islamabad to identify risk factors for all types of viral hepatitis with a laboratory component. Monthly reports are being shared regularly with all hepatitis control programs in Pakistan.

IHR 2005 Compliance

Under the leadership of Ministry of Health, FELTP facilitated in drafting legislation for disease reporting which also fulfilled requirements for IHR 2005 compliance. A legislative document was approved with provincial feedback by MOH.

One Health

To strengthen zoonotic disease surveillance system and enhance collaboration with human and animal health sector a cooperative agreement was done with the National Agriculture Research Center (NARC). Ten veterinarians are currently enrolled in the FELTP.

Program Dates

2007­: Pakistan FELTP launched first training
2009: Acute Viral Hepatitis surveillance
2011: NSTOP
2013: Veterinarian joined 2 years FELTP program
2014: Pakistan Army doctors joined 2 years FELTP program
2016: Frontline

Institutionalizing FELTP

Director of FELTP:  Executive Director of Pak NIH
Division of Field Epidemiology  and Surveillance (DFES) Pak NIH
Provincial Disease Surveillance and Outbreak Response units (PDSRU)
A federal unit at NIH