Data sharing portal of Pakistan AMR Surveillance System

The National AMR Action Plan, developed in 2017, has its primary objective to ensure that current Antimicrobials remain effective as long as possible for all those who need them, and minimize the expense associated with indiscriminate use. The country needs to have consistent, coherent, comprehensive and integrated approach at the national level to address AMR which is aligned with and complements the global and regional efforts. It has taken take priority actions incrementally to combat AMR in a phased process with involvement and commitment of all stakeholders to ensure successful implementation in all relevant sectors.
In order to achieve Strategic Objective 2 which states that “Strengthen the knowledge and evidence base through surveillance and research”, there was a need to Develop and implement mechanism for data collection, reporting, data sharing for laboratories.
Antimicrobial Data Sharing Portal has been established under Pakistan AMR Surveillance System (PASS) to strengthen the second strategic objective of National Action Plan on AMR. The portal is developed at National Coordination Center to strengthen the data sharing with nominated AMR Surveillance sentinel sites across the country.