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Patient & Occupational Safety Workshop

Guidelines for Preparedness of workplaces for COVID-19 in PAKISTAN

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The Art of Pathology competition is now open to UK and international entrants

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International Webinar on Approaches and Tactics Towards Covid-19 Emerging Scenarios (July 28-29, 2020)

Online Training for BS Students on Use of Modern Techniques in Molecular Biology and Latest Software of Bioinformatics for the Research Related to COVID19.

Last Date: 12 July 2020 Duration of internship: 20 July 2020 to 11 September 2020 Duration of course: 7–8 weeks Lecture+ Lab activity: 2-4 hours Mode of delivery: Live streaming or Video Meetings. Online lectures. Tutorials for the use of softwares. Written material in soft form. Registration Fee: 5000/- In the late 2019, coronavirus has emergedRead More

Infection Prevention and Control in context of COVID-19

Pakistan won the first position in the (Voices from the Field) writing contest

FELTP, National Institute of Health Islamabad is proud to announce that Pakistan won the first position in the (Voices from the Field) writing contest (May-June 2020) regarding COVID-19 work experience. Dr. Bisma Memon, a fellow of FELTP Pakistan awarded the first position amongst the EMRO countries.


Virology Lab of NIH gets accredited by WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean

Virology Laboratory of National Institute of Health, Pakistan has successfully accomplished the accreditation criteria for Measles and Rubella regional reference laboratory through World Health Organization, Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean. This full accreditation decision indicates that the Sub-regional lab and its laboratory programme meet rigorous standards set for Measles and Rubella Laboratory Network.